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Testing Advantages

  • 1
    Clean air in your home and peace of mind.
  • 2
    It’s a future selling point to any potential buyers.
  • 3
    Testing is cheap and can save your life.


We had raised levels of radon gas in our home that was putting my family at risk. I never even thought about it being a problem when I bought it years ago but after reading some articles I wanted it checked out. These guys did a long term radon test and it turns out my home was fine so panic over.”
Mitch Runner
We needed a radon gas mitigation system fitted so we had Radon Gas Testing USA come and perform the work and install a sump and vent the gas away from the home. I am so happy it was done and now I have less worry about breathing in gas that can cause lung cancer.”
Tom Baker
If you need a radon testing company then go with these guys, they know what they are talking about and have some of the best testing equipment in the industry. ”
Larry Ellison

Radon Gas Testing 12212, New York

Radon levels can vary from 12212 to other zip codes, so with that in mind the levels in your area might differ greatly from location to location. We have the knowledge and testing knowhow to supply you with the radon levels in 12212.

All of radon contractors in 12212 work to the highest standard to test levels and make sure they are not exceeding the 4 pCi mark to keep you and your family safe. If you think you are not too worried about radon levels then the next people who come to buy your house when you decided to sell it will. Radon is becoming more and more tested for from state to state and states are already implementing laws for you to disclose levels of radon in the sale of your house.

Most homes now in 12212 might have the radon levels disclosed when a full home survey is being done and if they are coming back as high then this will not only put a home owner off to the point you will lose the sale but they can even use it as a haggling point to knock the home value down. Even if you have renovated it and it looks beautiful all it takes is a one red flag such as radon which can cause death if you are exposed to high levels over a certain amount of time and you are stuck with a non saleable home.

We supply the best radon contractors in 12212 who not only take a great amount of time to make sure the home is undergoing a full test to determine the radon levels they are also inspecting the home to see how much it will cost you if you do have high levels of radon to make the space a safe one.

If there is a radon mitigation system already installed in your home in 12212 and you are suspecting its not doing its job then we will come and have a look at it and repair it for you. From time to time you will need it checked and maintained to make sure it’s doing its job of getting rid of any radon gas in the home. The inspection process does not take long and it’s really a good idea. We also suggest having us test the property on a yearly basis to make sure the levels are below 4 pCi. When it comes to one’s health a simple test every year to keep that air quality clean is really not a big deal.

Should you wish to take action and have a radon specialist come out to your home in 12212 they will be more than happy to. We have a few radon inspection contractors located in the area of 12212 who are very familiar with the levels in the region and will be able to advise you accordingly on the possible steps to take to mitigate the issue. And if you still have questions after the process is done they will always be on standby to take your phone call.

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