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Testing Advantages

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    Clean air in your home and peace of mind.
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    It’s a future selling point to any potential buyers.
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    Testing is cheap and can save your life.


We had raised levels of radon gas in our home that was putting my family at risk. I never even thought about it being a problem when I bought it years ago but after reading some articles I wanted it checked out. These guys did a long term radon test and it turns out my home was fine so panic over.”
Mitch Runner
We needed a radon gas mitigation system fitted so we had Radon Gas Testing USA come and perform the work and install a sump and vent the gas away from the home. I am so happy it was done and now I have less worry about breathing in gas that can cause lung cancer.”
Tom Baker
If you need a radon testing company then go with these guys, they know what they are talking about and have some of the best testing equipment in the industry. ”
Larry Ellison

Radon Gas Testing Maine

If you have found radon gas in your home in Maine then this is actually not that uncommon because radon is found all over Maine so don’t for one minute think it’s an issue just located under your home. It’s probably a vast area that has radon gas leaking up the surface and in to people’s homes and businesses.

The one thing that is possible is getting the radon issue fixed, through various techniques like radon mitigation in Maine. Sub slab suction, sub hole suction or drain tile suction can be used. There is also block wall suction and HVR systems that can help reduce radon in the home dramatically.

If your home measures around 4 pCi for the levels of radon found in it then this is what is deemed a level that acceptable here in the US and most states. We still think that number can be brought down though through some simple fixes we can implement. Even a simple task of sealing and caulking any cracks in the building will help with reduction. All of the licensed radon mitigation experts in Maine know what they are doing and they will provide more than one solution to get levels right down to make it safer for you and your loved ones.

If you are buying or selling a home in Maine then you need to have it tested for radon. If it’s a brand new build in Maine then ask if the home has radon resistant design and features built in to it and if it will or has been tested. If a radon test is being carried out then make sure the radon test kit is not being interfered with as this could tamper with the end result.

Indoor radon gas is known as the 2nd biggest cause of lung cancer in the USA and it can pose a long term risk to you and your family in Maine. If you are also a smoker it can pose an even bigger threat to your health but with the right mitigation system the threat can be preventable. Good ventilation techniques and knowing the levels in your home can save any complications to your health later on in life.

If you need any advise on the next steps to take or if you want someone in Maine to come out and test your home for radon then please feel free to give us a phone call. We only work with licensed radon contractors in Maine that are approved and know what they are doing. They can help install and design a mitigation system that will not only make the home more appealing for resale it will keep your families health safe for years to come. With a good maintenance program your home can be checked on a yearly basis to make sure the levels are remaining low and the system is in full working order.

So call today and book an appoint with Radon Gas Testing USA.

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