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Testing Advantages

  • 1
    Clean air in your home and peace of mind.
  • 2
    It’s a future selling point to any potential buyers.
  • 3
    Testing is cheap and can save your life.


We had raised levels of radon gas in our home that was putting my family at risk. I never even thought about it being a problem when I bought it years ago but after reading some articles I wanted it checked out. These guys did a long term radon test and it turns out my home was fine so panic over.”
Mitch Runner
We needed a radon gas mitigation system fitted so we had Radon Gas Testing USA come and perform the work and install a sump and vent the gas away from the home. I am so happy it was done and now I have less worry about breathing in gas that can cause lung cancer.”
Tom Baker
If you need a radon testing company then go with these guys, they know what they are talking about and have some of the best testing equipment in the industry. ”
Larry Ellison

Radon Gas Mitigation Systems

If you have got to the point where you need to invest in a radon gas mitigation system because the levels in your home are way to high. Then we can help you out with that problem with the fitting of one of our mitigation systems.

Depending on the foundations of your home it will determine what type of system you will need. If your home is sitting on a slab of concrete or if you have a basement or crawl space then this will determine what type of system we will need to install.

  • Sub slab depressurization is a very common and effective method to reduce radon. A few suction pipes will be laid through the concrete slab from outside your home. The higher the radon the more pipes that will be laid. All of the pipes will be fed back to one suction source. An efficient radon gas fan will be connected to the suction pipes that will pull the gas from under the home and vent it away from the house through a pipe up the side of the house.
  • We can utilize your existing drain pipes if they are present in the home. Drain tiles and perforated pipes that drain water from your home to keep foundations dry can have suction applied to reduce the levels of radon greatly.
  • Our basement sump hole suction systems are often used for not only emergency water pumps in case of a flooding but also we can have the radon suction pipe located here.
  • We can install block wall suction in basements that are built with breeze block very easily. This will remove radon from the affected area and depressurize the block wall which is like the sub slab suction method. The two methods are normally combined to create a radon free environment.
  • If you have a crawl space under your home then we suggest laying a plastic sheet first that is thick enough to trap the gas and use soil suction to extract the radon gas from under the sheet and away from your property.
  • There is also another method of having a fan vent out the gas but the crawl space needs to be well ventilated. It will force the gas out of additional vents we can install to stop a buildup. This is not ideal because it can increase your energy costs to run the fan but it is a solution.
  • Sealing any cracks in the foundation of your home will help reduce the gas levels and it is not that expensive to do. It can lower levels dramatically and it’s a simple task.
  • We use a fan to blow air from the home into the basement which is called home and room pressurization. The aim is to circulate air and pressurize the home to keep radon out but you need to make sure all the windows on the downstairs floors are shut. It’s not an ideal solution but it’s one that can help in the efforts of radon reduction.
  • HRV is known as a heat recovery ventilator and this is a good mitigation technique for radon. We can install this system to help increase ventilation. They are ideal to ventilate all parts of your home and are perfect when installed to ventilate a basement.
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