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Testing Advantages

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    Clean air in your home and peace of mind.
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    It’s a future selling point to any potential buyers.
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    Testing is cheap and can save your life.


We had raised levels of radon gas in our home that was putting my family at risk. I never even thought about it being a problem when I bought it years ago but after reading some articles I wanted it checked out. These guys did a long term radon test and it turns out my home was fine so panic over.”
Mitch Runner
We needed a radon gas mitigation system fitted so we had Radon Gas Testing USA come and perform the work and install a sump and vent the gas away from the home. I am so happy it was done and now I have less worry about breathing in gas that can cause lung cancer.”
Tom Baker
If you need a radon testing company then go with these guys, they know what they are talking about and have some of the best testing equipment in the industry. ”
Larry Ellison

Radon Gas FAQ

Hopefully you can get some answers on this page about radon and how to deal with it.

Living with radon in the home, what level is deemed safe?

Generally a level accepted across the board in most states is 4 pCi, if you find that your home has more than 4 pCi we suggest getting it looked at to get the levels reduced. Even 4 pCi can be reduced to a better level so you should consider still mitigation if you are floating around that level to bring it down.

I have high levels of radon, now what?

Levels with radon can fluctuate so if you had a short term test 48 hours if my be advised to try a long test which is around 90 days to get a true reading from all over the house. This will give you a more accurate reading and better understanding of the levels to see if you need to take action.

If you need to take action you can call our company and we will direct you to a state approved radon mitigation contractor that will advise you on how to fix the problem.

The home I am buying has radon gas, should I buy it?

Radon is found in pretty much every state in America so you are constantly surrounded by different levels of it. If the home you are buying is properly equipped with a mitigation system then just ask the owner did a licensed radon mitigation contractor install the system and how long ago? Has it been checked and serviced and when was that last done? And if you still have doubts call a contractor to inspect the system before you buy it to check you are happy with the levels.

Can I test for radon myself?

You can buy radon test kits form places like target and online that normally include lab testing fees included with the kit. Some kits will run from $16 to $40 depending on the brand. While this will give you a quick idea of radon in the home we suggest getting a proper company to come out and do the testing for you as it’s not that much more expensive than buying the kit yourself and the radon contractor will explain the levels to you and give you a full break down of the results.

Is it true kitchen work tops emit radon gas?

Stone can emit very low levels of radon so things like granite and quartz counter tops are always first thought about when we talk about radon in the kitchen. But the truth is these stones are very dense so if there are any traces of radon in the material only a tiny amount of gas would be released and most of this would not even make it to the surface of the counter.

We hope this answered some of the questions you might have wanted to ask us, if you have any more questions please call us and we will be happy to help you out with anything you might need.

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