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Testing Advantages

  • 1
    Clean air in your home and peace of mind.
  • 2
    It’s a future selling point to any potential buyers.
  • 3
    Testing is cheap and can save your life.


We had raised levels of radon gas in our home that was putting my family at risk. I never even thought about it being a problem when I bought it years ago but after reading some articles I wanted it checked out. These guys did a long term radon test and it turns out my home was fine so panic over.”
Mitch Runner
We needed a radon gas mitigation system fitted so we had Radon Gas Testing USA come and perform the work and install a sump and vent the gas away from the home. I am so happy it was done and now I have less worry about breathing in gas that can cause lung cancer.”
Tom Baker
If you need a radon testing company then go with these guys, they know what they are talking about and have some of the best testing equipment in the industry. ”
Larry Ellison

About our Company

We set up the business to help home owners solve radon gas issues and also we provide quality radon gas inspection. With so many homes in the US now having to require a more detailed disclosure regarding radon gas levels in one’s home, many real estate transactions will now require an up to date Radon gas report.

The new law will require a few items that will need to be disclosed to any potential buyers. And they include the following.

  • New radon warning documents that go over the health risks of radon with a suggestion for testing will be issued.
  • A full radon disclosure document that covers record of radon being found, has a radon gas test ever been performed on the property and if the property has had any radon mitigation. Does it have a system installed and what is the information about the system?
  • You will also find a guide that will issues more details about radon and its effects.

It’s always a worry to hear your home might have radon in it but fear not it’s only a quick inspection and solution away. We will go over every square inch of the home and test in a few rooms over a few days to get a good picture of the radon gas levels you are living with. If your home is ok we will let you know straight away so you can have peace of mind. If we find the levels are raised beyond what’s considered safe we will recommend the solutions needed to fix the issue.

Right now it’s not law in most states to have to have radon testing or mitigation done but it needs to be disclosed if the property has had testing or it mitigation in the home has been carried out. To teat it will not cost you that much and if you have children you will want them growing up in a safe environment and not breathing in nasty radon gas. We only have the best radon contractors working with us who know what to look for and know how to perform the testing.

If your home has had a radon mitigation system fitted it will also be a good selling point in the future as this will be something home buyers will be looking for. We will work on getting that radon reduced to the best of our ability and we will prove it to you with tests being carried out after the new reduction system has been installed.

We will offer you a sort term test of around 2 days and if need be we can offer a 90 day test so you have a really good idea of the average levels of radon in your home.

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